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What are Smile Concierge’s fees?

Smile Concierge helps you choose the right dentist and procedure, saving you wasted time, effort, and money. Please contact us and we can tell you our different packages with the fee structure.

What are the benefits of working with Smile Concierge?

Choosing the wrong dentist is expensive – and painful.

As a patient, you probably don’t have the expertise to choose the right provider or identify what procedure you really need. You’ll end up spending lots of time on the internet, wondering which dentist is right for you without knowing what questions to ask.

Patients often ask, “are dental implants are painful?” Without understanding you and your needs, it’s hard to answer that question. That is why Dr. Kahn reviews your medical history and preferences so you can come up with a procedure that meets your expectations.

Using a professional dentist – like Dr. Khan – will help you navigate one of the most important decisions in your life.

Having a professional to guide you makes the process easier and provides the support you need during a time of immense change in your life.

Smile Concierge helps you find the right provider for your needs so you can focus on enjoying your life.

A smile makeover will transform your life. Let Smile Concierge be there for you on your journey.

I think I need dental implants. How do I know what procedure is right for me?

Smile Concierge will help you understand what you need, why you need it, and where you can find a qualified provider to help you.

As part of your initial consultation and review with Dr. Khan, she will review your case and discuss what dental implant procedures you really need. After performing thousands of successful dental implants, Dr. Khan is highly qualified to discuss options with you.

There are many dental implants types, including dental implants on all 4’s, or on all 6’s as part of a dental implants procedure. Understanding which dental implant types you should evaluate is part of Smile Concierge’s services.

The news that you need dental implants can be, well, shocking. No one wants to hear bad news at the dentist office.

You should never make an expensive decision when you are upset. Smile Concierge walks you through your options and relieve your anxiety.

How does Smile Concierge find a dentist that is right for me?

Dental work is more than just a procedure. It’s a relationship that impacts your life.

Dr. Khan is an experienced dentist at the top of her profession. She knows what training, expertise, technology, and services are needed for your unique procedure.

Dr. Khan conducts a professional search in your area to identify which dentists have the skills and support you need. She contacts them on your behalf to ensure they will be a right fit, both personally and professionally, for your dental needs.

Dr. Kahn will help you understand how much dental implants cost, dental implants prices, and how to find the best dental implants near you. If you need cosmetic dentistry or a general dentist near you, Dr. Kahn can also find qualified, licensed providers that meet your needs.

How does the Smile Concierge process work?
  1. Book a Consultation. Dr. Khan’s consultations are fee-based and are an important part of your journey as you establish a trusted relationship. Your fee ensures that you are invested in the Smile Concierge process as much as Dr. Khan is invested in your smile.
  2. We’ll review your case. Dr. Khan conducts a professional review of your medical history and reviews records from your current dental providers. This information plays an important role in choosing the right type of procedure, dental implant, medication, and recovery time you will need. Setting expectations is an important part of your journey.
  3. We select a qualified provider. Tired of Googling for dentists? Dr. Khan uses her expert knowledge of dentists, education, and techniques you will need for your procedure. Location also plays an important role. Dr. Khan will help you choose a dentist near you – or in any US location.
  4. Stay in touch. At Smile Concierge, we know that your dental journey has many steps and Dr. Khan will stay will you every step of the way. She’ll make sure you get the care you need from start to finish.
What services does Smile Concierge provide?

Smile Concierge specializes in helping dental patients understand the procedure they need and select a provider that is a great fit for them. Dr. Khan knows it’s not easy to find the right dentist. Sometimes, you need a professional to guide your way.

Do you do the services yourself?
I don’t trust my dentist, I feel like he is pushing me to do certain treatment, can I go over their treatment options with you will you contact the dentist on my behalf?
I am getting multiple treatment options from different dentists and I am confused. Can Smile Concierge help?
How much does it cost to get assistance from Smile Concierge?
Will Smile Concierge contact and find me the right dentist?
What is the process once I contact Smile Concierge?
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